About Technology Independence Group

It’s about privacy & independence.

It is no longer an indirect possibility that your cloud services support causes you don’t. We are a coalition of technology experts united around tech independence.

The rapid rise, growth, and market dominance of Big Tech providers is largely a by-product of their business models.

Models that exploit and monetize your consumer data for market control. It is a conflict of interest for your company to safeguard consumer information and, retail it too.

  • Example 2. The Heritage Foundation: Examples of Big Tech censorship are inescapable and irrefutable. Sometimes they are brazen and outright; other times, they are dressed up in vague platitudes about “objectionable content.” But the outcome is still the same—voices that these left-leaning companies don’t agree with are deemed “unacceptable” and are silenced. Big Tech’s Conservative Censorship Inescapable and Irrefutable | The Heritage Foundation

Why rethink the way you invest in tech?

It’s about breaking the monopoly. Taking back control.

The technology market is arguably one of the most important drivers of business and economic activity in our time. It underpins the majority of our productive and leisurely activities.

As our dependence continues to grow, the technology market continues to consolidate, offering fewer options and centralizing market control.

Without competitive, viable market options, organizations and individual consumers will have no other choice than to go along with the biased and changing terms and conditions and corresponding principles of Big Tech providers.    

How we work is who we are

We are a coalition of technology experts united around a common cause of technology independence.

We stand against the current trends of Big Tech encroaching on the rights and privacy of organizations and individuals. As well as censoring, suspending, and de-platforming those with values and messages that are not considered in alignment with their political and social agenda.

Technology Independence Group

We believe that you should not have to compromise your values and hand over control of your data and business processes when seeking to scale and modernize.

We aim to help every values-based business break free from Big Tech and maintain control of their data and processes.

We are passionate about delivering high-quality, trustworthy technology services that you can be proud to support.

Few organizations truly understand how their use of technology supports the Big Tech agenda.

Start by measuring your dependence on Big Tech and understanding the full scope of what your tech spend is supporting.

Generate a plan to help you break free.

How we help:

Big Tech Dependence Assessment | Alternative Tech Strategy Development

Once you understand your call to action, it’s time to act.

We’ll work with you to implement your break free strategy.

We gather requirements, facilitate coordination, and
manage the migration and integration from start to finish.

Everything is handled in a high-quality, secure manner, with zero interruption to your business operations.

New processes will be supported with training.

How we help:

Data Migration | App Development | App Integration | User Training

Now that you’ve broken free, let’s keep it that way.

Our shared support model will be rightsized to your needs and budget.

We’ll stay with you every step of the way to promote maximum return-on-investment and prevent any setbacks. We’ll even help you through tech upgrades and onboarding of new users.

How we help:

Managed Cloud Services| Application Operations & Maintenance | User Support

Technology Independence Group

Meet the Founder: James Keough

James Keough is the principle organizer and founder behind the movement designed to help organizations and individuals finally and meaningfully break free from Big Tech.

Passionate about fostering healthy markets and market interactions, along with a drive to promote new ideas, James is committed to making a positive difference in the technology industry. There is no better time than now to take action. James has dedicated his efforts to raising awareness on the need for greater market diversity and helping others to move away from Big Tech.

James’ experiences driving change with international governments, various agencies of the US Federal Government, and private sector companies is now being channeled to creating a new company, a new movement, committed to helping you make a change and a difference in the tech industry.