Technology Independence Assessment

Our rapid assessment tool is designed to help organizations of all sizes understand their level of technology dependence and evaluate their readiness for increased technology diversification.

It is time to diversify your use of technology, but where do you begin?

Use our tool to help think through your first steps, even if they are small. Let’s get started!

1. Schedule

Fill out the form on this page. We’ll schedule time to walk you through the rapid assessment process.

2. Get Report

Once your rapid assessment is completed, we will create and review your Call-to-Action Report.

3. Decisions

Use your Call-to-Action Report to make informed decisions around how you continue to invest in technology.

We hope that your organization will be moved to take the necessary steps to begin diversifying responsibly away from Big Tech.

By doing so, we’re making a difference in the technology industry. Our architects, engineers and analysts are here to support your long-term needs and success.